Fashion As an Expression of Society


Fashion has always been an expression of society, and continues to do so today. It reflects current events and famous cultural personalities. The concept of a trend dates back to the 14th century, when upper-class people exploited changing fashion trends to show their success, position, and wealth. The lower classes followed suit in order to demonstrate their proximity to the queen.

Trends in fashion

Fashion trends come in many forms. Some are short-lived and others have a long life cycle. Micro-trends are more transient, and some are so short-lived that they are often difficult to predict. For example, micro-trends are so short-lived that they are often associated with cheap clothing.

Social media and the internet have shifted the way consumers look and purchase products. They have conditioned consumers to want instant access to the latest fashion trends. As a result, mass-produced clothing is losing its appeal.

Influences of subcultures on fashion

Subcultures are groups of people that have distinctive styles. They are often characterized by their music tastes and clothing. Subcultures can often be classified into separate subgroups, such as hip-hop, Punk, and Grunge. The fashions associated with these groups are often recognizable and popular.

Subcultures have long been influential on the evolution of fashion. Subcultures are often shaped by political and social unrest, and music. As a result, they provide a way to connect with others who share the same values and interests. This means that they shape the fashion trends of today.

Influences of social groups on fashion

Fashion and design trends often reflect the social groups in which people belong. Upper-class consumers typically set fashion trends, while lower-class consumers follow suit. However, the social groups do not always share the same tastes or preferences. Gender and race can also influence fashion. In the present, many people follow the fashion trends of their peers, and they may also be influenced by celebrities and the fashion industry.

Influences of social groups on fashion are not new, but the research has been limited. The study also showed that consumer engagement with brands and products is influenced by social groups. For example, brand-sponsored advertisements and celebrities may encourage social fashion engagement, but this is largely untapped in the fashion industry. Moreover, people may not perceive celebrities or brand-sponsored advertisements as credible and may therefore have little influence on purchase decisions.

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