The Concept of Fashion


The concept of Fashion has evolved over the years. From the artisan’s craft a century ago, it is now more of a competitive industry characterized by mass production and the pursuit of profitable styles. There are many reasons for this development, but it is generally understood as a reaction to society. It is the expression of taste and desire and a product of mass production. Today’s fashion industry is characterized by mass production and competitive technology.

Fashion is a reaction to society

Many people believe that fashion is a reaction to society and the economic crisis. However, this idea is far from universal. A Flemish political scientist studied the relationship between fashion and the economic crisis and concluded that “fashion is a reaction to society.”

It is a reflection of taste

Good taste is the foundation of fashion. It is a person’s temperament and sense of aesthetics that defines his or her sense of style. This is a very distinct and personal quality. It separates us from our cohorts, but also adds depth to the conversations. It is about being true to ourselves, not trying to impress the opinions of others. Fashion is a reflection of taste and individuality. Here are some definitions of taste.

It is a product of desire

To understand fashion as a product of desire is to appreciate the phenomenon of collective selection. In this case, women choose fashion collectively based on what they read in popular magazines. In this way, fashion becomes a sociological theater. Brands are seeking to provide consumers with ready-made myths, and in turn, encourage the creation of collective effervescence. Fashion is the result of a desire for status, as exemplified by the desire to look good.

It is a product of mass production

The concept of mass production is nothing new, but clothing and the fashion industry have undergone several major changes over the last century. Historically, clothing was made by hand or on order from tailors or dressmakers. As mass production of clothing became more widespread, garments were made in standardized sizes and sold at fixed prices. Today, fashion is made by mass producers and is a result of the industrial revolution. Here are some facts about mass production and fashion.

It is a product of culture

As a product of culture, fashion has a cultural and social context. It is influenced by news, literature, and music. It is also an expression of the wearer’s opinions and daily life. Moreover, fashion is a trans-cultural product that influences the world. The Academy Awards ceremony is a prime example of such exchange. Hence, fashion can be seen as an expression of the society and culture.

It is a product of economy

The clothing industry, like any other industry, is a product of economics. Three processes are involved: production, distribution, and consumption. The clothing industry is highly competitive. Unlike the economy of basic goods, clothing is a high-valued good and must be produced in the most efficient manner possible. It also must be affordable to consumers. The clothing industry also affects social customs. For this reason, the fashion industry is important to our everyday lives.

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