Traveling and Hotels – How to Avoid Paying More

Traveling and hotels

After the recession, we expect a rise in family and multi-generational travel, as many people have not taken spring breaks or summer trips. Traditional hotel properties may pivot to operate like private villas, selling whole floors to individuals. They may also employ staff handlers, who separate lounge chairs. And we can expect to see more eco-certifications and fewer bacteria in rooms. Here are some tips for travelers looking to book a place to stay.

In-room amenities

Many travelers expect certain amenities from their hotel room, and the best hotels recognize that their guests’ needs vary greatly. While room cleanliness and quality are important to all guests, there is a large range in what travelers expect from their accommodations. Understanding these differences will help hoteliers determine which features are most important to their customers. Then they can implement these improvements to attract a wider customer base and increase revenue. This article provides an overview of some of the most important features found in a typical hotel room.

Check-in and check-out times

You may not be able to check in to your hotel room before a certain time, so be aware of the policy. Most hotels have a standard check-out time, which is usually in the early afternoon, so that housekeeping staff have enough time to clean your room. However, some hotels may allow you to check in a few hours early if you’re willing to pay a premium for the privilege. You’ll likely be charged the full day’s rate, or even an extra night. Some hotels also allow you to check in as early as 11 a.m., but you should ask nicely. Otherwise, you may be forced to pay a night’s fee and end up renting a hotel room for another guest.


As the number of travelers continues to rise, the prices of hotels and travel accommodations are rising along with them. Rising costs for supplies and labor are to blame, but most travelers are accepting these increases as the new normal. Still, many guests don’t feel that they’re getting more value for their money. So how do we avoid paying more for travel accommodations? Here are some tips to keep in mind when booking a room. Listed below are some of the reasons why rates for traveling and hotels are increasing.


Whether a hotel or travel agency should pursue eco-certification depends on how much they value sustainability and how much money they can invest. Some certifications are voluntary, while others are more formalized and cost more. Regardless of the method chosen, hoteliers should ensure transparency and accountability in their process. Check the requirements of any certification agency. Also, aim for an independent body. It will help consumers make more informed decisions about their travel experiences.

Rewards programs

When it comes to hotel loyalty programs, Hilton honors is the clear winner. This program truly indulges travelers on multiple levels and benefits both the brand and the traveler. Ultimately, this program improves the traveler’s lifetime value and increases repeat business for the brand. Here are the other major hotel brands and their rewards programs. We rank them in order of effectiveness. We’ll also explain how these programs help build customer loyalty.

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