What Is Law?


Law is a set of rules that is developed by a society in order to deal with issues like crime, business agreements and social relationships. People who break the law can face punishment, such as jail time or fines.

There are a number of ways to define what is considered to be ‘law’. The most common definition is that law is a set of rules that is created by the government and people must follow it or face punishment for breaking it.

The law also refers to a set of rules that are used by the people in a society to deal with problems and to avoid conflict of interest.

‘Pure Theory of Law’

Hans Kelsen created the ‘pure theory of law’, which states that law does not seek to describe what must occur but rather defines certain rules that people have to abide by.

‘Historical Law Definition’

Friedrich Karl von Savigny gave the historical law definition, which says that law is not the product of direct legislation but is due to the silent growth of custom or the outcome of unformulated public or Professional opinion.

‘Sociological School of Law’

The sociological school of law began in the middle of the nineteenth century and is based on the idea that law and society are a natural interaction. It considers law as an instrument for social progress and takes it as a responsibility to help human beings live a better life.

‘Civil Law’

Civil law is a type of legal system that covers about 60% of the world. These systems are based on concepts, categories and rules that originated from Roman law and are sometimes supplemented by local custom or culture.

‘Company Law’

Commercial law is a complex field of contract and property laws. It includes areas such as agency, insurance, bills of exchange and insolvency and bankruptcy law.

‘Labour Law’

Labor law is the study of tripartite industrial relations and involves collective bargaining regulations, and the right to strike.

‘Civil Procedure’ and ‘Criminal Procedure’ are both branches of law that concern a person’s rights to a fair trial.

‘Evidence Law’ is a field of law that deals with how materials in a case are admissible in court.

The word ‘law’ can be a bit confusing because it can mean a set of rules that is made by the government, or a person’s right to justice. Using ‘law’ more broadly is more common and often refers to a set of all of the laws that are found in a nation.

‘Air Law’

Aviation law is an area of law that covers all of the regulations and standards that a pilot must adhere to when flying an aircraft. Non-adherence to these can make a flight illegal.

Many different subjects are classified as law, though the main ones can be seen in the three major areas presented for convenience. These are civil law; criminal law and labour law, although they overlap and intertwine.

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