What is News?


A journalist is a professional who checks the news before it is printed. He is responsible for its objectivity, credibility, and fairness. Objectivity means that a journalist’s opinion is not affected by his or her personal bias. In judging the news, a journalist should have access to both sides of the story and form his or her own opinion.

Content of stories

The content of stories in news is the information provided about a topic by a reporter or journalist. These pieces are often long and non-time sensitive, and they use narrative and background information to tell a story. In order to avoid a conflict of interest, the reporter or journalist must name all sources and provide evidence to back up their story.

Sources of stories

The sources of a news story are usually people, documents, and official records. Primary sources can be a witness to a crime or an event, a union leader leading wage negotiations, or even an airplane pilot. These sources are often the most authoritative. They should be able to provide accurate details and strong opinions about a subject.

According to one study, one out of every three news stories originate from governmental or other institutional sources. Only 4 percent of stories come from private citizens. This finding shows that news stories are heavily influenced by these institutional actors and rely on routine channels for their reporting. For this reason, it is important to check the sources of news stories before viewing or reading them.

Judgment guidelines for journalists

If you are a reporter in the news, there are some important guidelines you must follow in order to get the most accurate information. First, you must get access to the scene of the event. If your news organization does not provide legal assistance, you may need to ask for a moment of the court to speak.

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